Crawl Space Moisture

Struggling with Moisture in your Crawl Space?

Don’t understand where it’s coming from?

How to fix it?

There are about 24 million homes in the US with Crawl Spaces – and a large number have issues with humidity or moisture in them!

This can be extremely frustrating to the homeower – from excessive bugs, foundation problems, mold or other fungi, and humidity in the home, Crawl Space Moisture is a problem that needs addressing!

What is a Crawl Space?

A crawl space is like a mini-basement.  The home is built up off the ground, giving a place for plumbing, HVAC, etc. to be run.  Some are essentially basement height, others can be as low as about 18″.

Unfortunately, National and State codes haven’t kept up with the realities of current construction trends, and more and more crawl spaces are having excessive moisture issues.

These are often nasty, damp, bug-infested areas that most homeowners would be shocked to know were beneath their homes!

Demographics don’t matter – some of the nicest homes around have miserable crawlspaces – moisture problems are equal opportunity! is the right place to help understand the root causes and typical solutions for your crawl space issues!

As with any of our solutions, we strongly recommend you find a qualified contractor in your area to inspect, evaluate, and ultimate provide a set of solutions for your. This is not a place to go with your cousin or handiman – find a specalist rated with the Better Business Bureau and/or Angie’s list and go with an expert! Often, taking the cheapest option leaves you with the problem and having to pay twice when they come in and fix the previous work!

This site is a work in progress!  Please comment if you have questions – as your questions and concerns will drive future updates and an FAQ!

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